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Technology Solutions

We leverage the latest technology and best in class processes to deliver successful and seamless solutions to you.

Our Technology solutions enable remote talent lifecycle management, employee learning and development, tracking and monitoring the performance of diverse teams in multiple locations real-time.

The most time-efficient, low-cost and hassle-free way to manage your field staff, and off-site activities.


  • A task management platform that provides an efficient and hassle free experience in managing field staff and off-site activities.

  • A platform built to help organisations effectively and collaboratively mobilise, manage, track and monitor performance and results of its teams in diverse locations real-time.

Your all-in-one solution for hiring top talent and managing your existing teams.                                            


  • An HR solution that helps manage the entire employee life cycle.
  • A platform that leverage technology  to oversee and manage your employees end-to-end needs comprising; client self service, employee self service, applicant tracking software, assessment, documentation, performance management, leave management,absence management and exist management.

An affordable and easy-to-implement Learning Management System to develop your employees.


  • An intuitive, easy to use learning management system that makes learning easy, trackable and scalable.
  • Online courses that provide learning support and boost performance of your employees.