African Market Entry and Expansion for Multinationals


We are your trusted and dependable partner with the capability to tap into Africa’s growing talent network to provide the best talent across the continent to drive the achievement of your offshoring objectives.

The Strategic Advantage That Offshoring Gives Your Business

Our Offshoring Services Include

Comprehensive Offshoring

We handle everything – covering performance, operations management and quality assurance – related to the business processes you decide to offshore. You are not required to have any local knowledge or spend time recruiting or managing the staff.
With this model, you can completely hands-off the day-to-day execution and management of processes while focusing on more strategic initiatives and business development.
Specifically, you get:

Managed Offshoring

We will partner with you to set up an offshore division of your company in Africa. Our involvement will be limited to support setting up the African entity, Facility Management, IT, Staff Recruitment, HR and Operations. You will, however, be responsible for managing the quality and productivity of the staff.
With this model, you get a work-ready team you can easily integrate into your business while retaining complete control of the Team’s processes, tasks, KPIs and service quality.
Specifically, you get:

Why Offshore to African Ally?

Partnering with African Ally to implement your offshoring strategy delivers significant value, such as:

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Running a business is hard enough without also having to worry about managing operational tasks and tactical business processes, so let us worry about it.

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