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Administrative Support / Logistics

Focus on your core while we provide world class people support services with speed, precision, and compliance.

Our approach to Administrative Support & Logistics

We have in-depth industry experience in delivering value through our business support services. Our end-to-end process support makes us a reliable and dedicated strategic partner. We utilize our network and expertise  with in-country partners strategically located across Africa to help you establish a presence in your country of choice

Our Priority is to provide you with the best support in the African market.

Experience cost effective solutions by relying on Administrative Support & Logistics from a team of experts so you can focus on what matters most; growing your business.

Below are some of our Administrative Support & Logistics solutions:

Business Set up & Logistics

Our business support solution will offer the smoothest transition to your new marketplace and lead your organisation further towards realising its global vision. Our team of experts will take the necessary steps to ensure that your entity is totally compliant with all local tax, banking, employment and payroll regulations and also address on-the-ground operational considerations such as office search, staffing, as well as destination and relocation services.

Vendor Selection and procurement management services

We help you identify and audit potential service vendors, facilitate quick negotiations, and manage contractual relationships based on your business requirements. Our legal partners support you with all vendor agreements and any other legally-binding contracts.

Travel Logistics​

With the support of our partner travel agencies, we support clients and their employees with their business travel plans through booking of flight tickets, selection & booking of hotels and temporary residences​

Transportation Services/Vehicle & Asset Acquisition

Whether it’s leasing, hire purchase or outright purchase, we help our clients meet their transportation objectives in all their business locations.​

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