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Global Mobility

Experience seamless and stress-free business travel and immigration support in Africa

Navigating the complex immigration processes on the African continent can be very difficult.

Asides from the fact that there are 54 countries on the continent with each having its own peculiar immigration law, there are sometimes several border entry points in the fastest-growing countries with each governed by local laws and regulations.

This can be very confusing and troubling for the uninitiated, which is why we provide our clients with seamless and hassle-free Immigration, Work Permit and Visa Services.

We will help you secure relevant documentation and work permits that are compliant with immigration regulations.

Go with ease into any global terrain of Choice.

Global Mobility is often the beginning to every international business need. But you do not have to expend so much energy and resources to achieve this. Our league of over 120+ consultants leverage comprehensive mobility expertise and comply with  in-country regulations across several countries for wherever your business and employees decide to go.

Our approach to Global Mobility Services

If you are thinking of expanding into any country within Africa and struggling with local legislation or business practices, we offer administrative and management service to clients who operate in different countries, which means you  will have one point of contact  at African Ally who will act as your multi-territory manager. This can be a highly valuable service to clients that do not want  to deal with multiple advisors.

Immigration and visa processing support​

We help obtain seamless immigration assistance and support that are compliant with immigration regulations. We help every member of your team secure long-term or temporary business-related visas or long-term work authorizations and residence permits swiftly and efficiently. Some of our immigration service offerings include processing of expatriate quota, entry visas, protocol services, and work permits, advising on immigration issues, and filing of statutory returns​.

Home Rental

Our team will support your employee relocation to ease the sometimes daunting experience of relocating by providing destination services like short and long term accommodation search, local area induction, school search, travel services, car hire and local contact directory with reputable real estate agents to inspect and evaluate available residential and commercial properties and provide a shortlist for their review and final selection.

Relocation & Assignment

Our team advices and provide support in deploying your international workforce by easing their transition into a new country of residence. Whether your need involves transporting personal belongings to a new location, or arranging accommodation, we will provide support for the physical relocation of your employee or contractor.​

Airport Meet & Greet

We make our clients feel truly welcome through immigration clearance and airport transfer during their visits into the country.

Country Briefing

This is designed to inform expatriate personnel and their families on the realities of living and working in a new territory and how to enjoy their stay in the country in spite of the challenges.

Cultural Awareness Programme

We help your employee assimilate into local customs and practices, both professional and personal, and build relationships across multi-cultural teams, by engaging in a cultural awareness programme. Our partners can assist across our extensive network.​

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