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Hiring Employees in Tanzania

Spoken Language

Kiswahili is the official language, but English, and French are the major recognized languages.


Tanzanian Shillings (Tsh)

Average hours & Overtime

Regular hours and overtime pay rates are set in the employment contracts or collective bargaining agreements. Stipulated work hours are 45 hours per week (6 days) excluding 1 hour lunch break.

Wages and salaries

There is a mandated minimum wage of Tanzania Shillings 175,000 per month.

Observed National Holidays and vacation

17 Paid holidays include
1 Jan Fri New Year’s Day
12 Jan Tue Zanzibar Revolutionary Day
2 Apr Fri Good Friday
5 Apr Mon Easter Monday
7 Apr Wed Karume Day
26 Apr Mon Union Day
1 May Sat Labour Day
13 May Thu Eid al-Fitr
14 May Fri Eid al-Fitr Holiday
7 Jul Wed Saba Saba
20 Jul Tue Eid al-Hajj
8 Aug Sun Nane Nane
14 Oct Thu Nyerere Day
18 Oct Mon Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday
9 Dec Thu Republic Day
25 Dec Sat Christmas Day
26 Dec Sun Boxing Day

Paid Leave

28 days paid annual leave days are granted to employees. Maternity leave is a minimum of 12 weeks paid leave while paternity leave is 3 days

Expats, Visas, & Work Permits

Employers are responsible for obtaining work & residence permits for their expatriate employees.
Foreign investors must be granted Class A permit or Multiple Entry Visa

Termination Notice

Notice period depends on the contractual agreement but from 1 month.

Statutory Deductions

Statutory payroll deductions include: ∙ Pension Contribution NSSF -10% Employee
∙ Pension Contribution NSSF -10% Employer
∙ PAYE- Pay as you earn
∙ Skills Development Levy – 4% Employer
∙ Workers Compensation Fund -1% Employer

Health Insurance

Provision of health insurance for employees is a common practice, but it is not mandatory.
Contribution of 6%. (3% from Employee and 3% from Employer).

Important Information

Foreign employees who fail to renew their work permit with the government face prison, deportation and a fine of US$600 or both.

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