African Market Entry and Expansion for Multinationals

Grow your business in Africa’s largest markets.

We help multinationals expand their global footprints and effectively scale their operations into Nigeria and across Africa.

Are you looking for a market entry partner that:

Can connect your market expansion project with your overarching strategic objectives and ensure its activities and deliverables are in strict alignment?

Finds, onboards and manages capable talent for your market expansion projects including absorbing existing startup staff, arranging Expat Quota, Visa and work permit processing, etc.?

Understands the critical importance of compliance and associated risk management issues to your business expansion project and has put in place, processes, and systems to guarantee compliance with local and international regulatory bodies?

Provides reliable information about the African business environment, e.g. salary benchmarks, cost of doing business, competition positioning, market size, relevant government policies, applicable waivers, and buyer preferences?

Drafts employee contracts in compliance with local labour legislation, fulfils all statutory remittances, identifies and addresses performance issues, drives employee efficiency, improves productivity and effectively manages HR/business-related processes.

Manages operational challenges ranging from finding suitable office locations, logistics (e.g. travel), procurement, payroll administration, expense management, accounting, asset leasing, temporary financing, vendor management and general administration?

One of the most important decisions you can make in business is your choice of ally.

Despite the attractiveness of the African market, much domain and local expertise is required to navigate the challenges of setting up and establishing successful business in these climes. With the our vast experience across Africa, we are your preferred strategic partner.
We know Africa. We love Africa. We are Africans. We have been successfully doing business on the African continent for almost two decades!

Expand Your Business Quickly, Compliantly, and Reliably

It’s time to bridge the gap between your company and the African market

We provide a vast array of services to foreign companies seeking to enter the African continent.

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How It Works

Our solutions are built on the best and most compliant market practices, which enable us to deliver top-notch market entry services to our clients.


First, we seek to have in-depth understanding of exactly what you hope to achieve with your business expansion project into Africa.


We then design a custom solutions to align with your overarching expansion objectives leveraging our expertise and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the African market


We deploy your custom solution on time and to budget, always keeping your end goal in focus.


We track, measure, handhold and provide ongoing support towards ensuring you achieve your market entry project goals

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We offer safe workspaces in Lagos Mainland’s finest location. From fully serviced offices and meeting rooms to prometric centres & conference halls.

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