African Market Entry and Expansion for Multinationals

Current Trends in the Recruitment Landscape in Nigeria and the West African Region

What every organization needs to know about the vulnerabilities and threats in West Africa’s talent landscape to survive these uncertain times.

The way we recruit has changed.

Finding and hiring great talents, especially those with highly sought-after skills in Africa, has become costly and time-consuming.

In our 17 years of helping the biggest businesses in Africa better align their talent management strategies to their business realities, we have never seen the recruitment landscape as disrupted as it is currently. Even as the pressure to discover new and inspired methods of finding, assessing, shortlisting, and hiring the right talents for jobs within Africa keeps rising.

In this 10-page e-book, we share our in-depth insight on the opportunities, vulnerabilities, and threats in the current recruitment landscape to help business leaders and decision-makers prepare for the war ahead. Consider it as the latest news from the battlefront of talent management.
current recruitment trends in Africa